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Grading the Forms

Instructions For Instructors

Instructors should:

  • Bring the completed forms to the LoboScore office.
  • Refrain from folding, bending, tearing, or stapling the exam sheets.
  • Fill out the cover sheetprint it, and then click 'Finish'.
  • Fill out the key: (We can grade up to four different versions of the same exam).

             Answer Key Example w/comments - (Instructions on filling out the key)

             5-Answer Key    (1 version example)
             10-Answer Key  (1 version example)

             5-Answer Key    (2 versions example)
             10-Answer Key  (2 versions example)

  • Allow 24-48 hours for processing.
  • Please pick up all exams within two weeks after initial submission; answer sheets will be discarded because of minimal storage space.
  • Sign and date the cover sheet after picking up the graded forms.